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I don't know if this is allowed, but I wrote a Himitsu no Hanazono...ish fanfic? x/ It's centered around Hinata because I just love him. >_>;;

Well, here it is. :] Pretty longish, I guess, and you can just skip the stuff at the top. :D

Title: Never Leave Me
Rating: PG-13
Type: Mostly angst, with a tiny little bit of fluffy crack. Character death. Kind of AU.
W. Count: 2467 words, or something like that. Excludes all of this fancy stuff up here. :D
Pairing: Hinata/NiChi, tiny bit of Wataru/Tsukiyama
Prompt: None
Dedicated to: No one.
Notes: The timeline in this is pretty confusing, especially if you’ve watched the dorama. But no one here has, so hahahahah. Just know that it happens after they find out about the four brothers.
*-Sumimasen: Excuse me, or informal I’m Sorry
*-Gomenasai: I’m Sorry
*-Arigatou: Thank You
*-Yakuza: Japanese equivalent of a mafia.
*-Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de: “An endless story, with an undying love.”
*-Daisuki da yo: Most commonly I Like You, but also used as I Love You.
The ending is pretty rushed, I just wanted to finish it because I’ve been working on it for like, a week. Yeah, I know, pathetic. x_x It’s a pretty angst love story. :] Enjoy? xD
Eurgh, and sorry for the translations up there, which probably aren't even correct. They were for my friends. =/
P.O.V.: Hinata’s, 2nd Person. It changes between present and past tense, I think.

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